Industry Focus

Department of Defense

US-India_YudhAbhyasARMA designs solutions tailored to meet the needs of our Department of Defense (DoD) customers and support the DoD mission. Our Professional Services solutions are dedicated to putting the people with the right qualifications in place to support dynamic mission requirements. Our deep understanding of the DoD and their mission allows for continuity of operations.

ARMA’s System Integration solutions focus on both unique garrison and tactically deployed IT environments. Each engineer understands the DoD priorities for consolidation and simplification. Our industry partnerships and experienced team make ARMA a superior choice.

National Security Focused Civilian Agencies

Civilian Agencies provide the lifeline for U.S. Government activities both domestically and abroad. ARMA brings extensive, real-world experience in overseeing the design, implementation, execution and ongoing support of domestic and international programs that enable civilian agencies to meet growing mission demands.

ARMA provides a wide range of capabilities for agency specific mission support. Our services and products are tightly linked to both the agency’s end state objective and desired outcome within the region in which the services are performed.

Defense Services Providers

071107-F-9165S-167Partnerships with defense services providers are critical to ARMA’s ability to deliver flexible and focused solutions to our customers. These partnerships serve as force multipliers that deliver a unified execution plan and the power of joint capabilities for the end user. Our partnership focus is simple; partner with companies that offer a complimentary range of products, goods, and services across a wide base of mission critical solutions. From technology focus areas such as data center consolidation, to global logistics management for foreign military sales, our broad portfolio allows simplification from a contracting and procurement perspective.

United Nations and Allies

ARMA helps simplify global execution through the provision of culturally sensitive solutions for these integral parts of continuing operations in support of U.S. objectives.

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