Logistics Overview

ARMA Global supports technical logistics requirements ensuring seamless Operations and Maintenance (O&M) as well as engineering for projects. Our supply chain management team can provide expertise such as identifying, vetting, pricing, negotiation and procurement. Warehouse operations include support for receiving, accounting, storing and shipping of equipment to the end destination(s).

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Procurement
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Special Procurement Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs)
  • Logistics and Transportation Solutions
  • Predictive Analytics Supporting Integrated Product Support

Production and Testing: Quality, accuracy, innovation

ARMA’s production processes stress quality, accuracy, schedule, innovation, metrics, and customer contract compliance. The key to ARMA Production Performance Management is the utilization of dashboard tool sets, driven by metrics checklists, which track progress internally as well as for key stakeholders. Additionally, ARMA’s Configuration Management team controls all of the configurations whether in development or in the field. Processes tailored to meet specific program requirements ensure correct and accurate data needed to provide quality products.

Technical and Sustainment Support: Three-tier support model

The ARMA team delivers a three-tier support model (L1-Depot), support capability, OEM warranty execution, and dynamic sparing plans to create lifelines in support of real- world missions around the globe.

Warranty, Provisioning and Spares: Delivering mission enabling solutions

The ARMA team has sought after industry knowledge, key OEM agreements, global supply chain specialists, and a proven approach on delivering mission enabling solutions to the ILS functional area.

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