AI/Machine Learning

AI/Machine Learning Overview

ARMA AI is artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions harnessing cutting-edge technology and customer intimacy to unlock value in real-time data.  Providing multiple approaches, ARMA AI is a broad suite of tailorable products and services to translate data into actionable insights.  The team’s applications and expertise span the intelligence, information operations, operations, communications, and people operations domain spaces transforming the exponential growth in digits to improvements in efficiencies and effectiveness aligned with the customer’s needs. 

Personnel.  ARMA AI for Personnel delivers improved administrative efficiencies, employee recruiting and retention, and talent management.

Intelligence.  ARMA AI for Intelligence delivers all-source insights and leverages our Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) capabilities helping analysts produce real-time, high-quality reporting that engages and informs decision makers.

Operations.  ARMA AI for Operations delivers functionality to enhance availability and performance monitoring, insights into event analysis, and synthesis information operations enabling data-driven responses.

Logistics.  ARMA AI for Logistics helps logistics operators see, understand and interact with the world in a faster and more efficient way than ever before, from resource optimization to predictive maintenance to back-end efficiencies.

Communications.  ARMA AI for Communications brings a new level of trust to information to enable a hyper connected environment, improves understanding of threats and opportunities in the cyber environment, and reinforces a continuous pipeline of innovation.

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